Keep walking

Great year here with us at last,while   we set our mind  on the way forward,it is very imperative we forget our worries,regrets and disappointments as a result of resolutions we did not achieve.Just like the water flows and never come back,the old has to flow in us and embrace new beginning with so much zeal putting in  mind that  we cant change our past but we can do something to change our future.

The Matatu  that you  board every day has  a large windshield but only a relatively small rear view mirror. The implication is obvious: What happened in your past is not nearly as important as what is in your future. Where you are going is much more important than where you’ve been.

What is more important is to revive our  energy as we understand  that nothing is impossible, with high-self esteem, fortitude and above all focus on our mission.With this attributes we shall and can achieve our targets this new year 2015.

The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.This Might be your year.







The beautiful park under the sun

This baboons has been a great attraction of many tourists
This baboons attracts thousands of people in the park

The colorful splendor of Nairobi city park is one of the most fundamental aspect that has made the city quite gorgeous making it beautiful and glittering city under the sun.

The natural beauty of city park has attracted tourists from all walks of life to come and enjoy this magnificent serene paradise.

A recent biodiversity survey of the Park by Friends of Nairobi City Park identified about 988 species of flora and fauna.

Initially established  in 1921 this 60 acre piece of land has withstood the wave of the moment from the land grabbers who have been eying every opportunity to grab it.

All this is made lively by the beautiful African baboons which sways from tree to tree creating so much excitement to the tourists visiting the place,the ever flowing stream  in the midst of it  not only beautifies the place but also creates an aura of life,new refreshment and new breathe.

This blissful environment brings different people together
This blissful environment brings different people together

The open spaces in the park gets a lot of picnic lovers especially over the weekends .This one area where love flourishes  and  thrives .

Not to be missed is the magnificent sculpture garden whose places include the bird of peace  at the Murumbi memorial park and public cementary where political figure like Pio gama Pinto was buried,adjacent to the cementary is murumbi peace memorial park,where Joseph Murumbi Kenyan’s second vice president and his wife Sheila were buried.

They say where there is peace there is love,joy and comfort.Nairobi city park has proved to be an arena of peace and beauty

#KOT: Safaricom users will now use airtime to buy Windows Apps

Now Safaricom mobile phone users  will be able to buy mobile phone applications using their airtime.Microsoft has partnered with Safaricom to introduce a service in a move it says will target the growing number of Windows based smartphone users who previously had to pay through credit card for their applications.

indexThis new service will allow users to download apps from the Windows Phone Store and make payments using their mobile phones opening a reliable revenue channel for the developer community.

Speaking during the launch Safaricom  Chief Executive Officer Bob Collymore said the company believes in supporting innovation and growing local entrepreneurs

”we are aware that a majority of Kenyan tech start-ups have challenges in developing and showcasing their apps, this platform will go a long way in enhancing growth of paid-for mobile services,” He added said

To buy an app through mobile operator billing, a user will be required to go to the Windows Phone Store and select the application they would like to buy. The consumer will then be able to see the name of the app, the price, publisher, app size and payment method clearly displayed.


The next Microsoft Nokia Lumia could have Canon camera optics superior to the Lumia 1020

The next Microsoft Nokia Lumia could have Canon camera optics superior to the Lumia 1020
The next Microsoft Nokia Lumia could have Canon camera optics superior to the Lumia 1020

pocket-lint/Luke Edwards – The next Microsoft Nokia Lumia could have Canon camera optics superior to the Lumia 1020

Microsoft has signed a deal with Canon that cross-licenses a lot of their patents. This could mean future Microsoft Nokia Lumia handsets have the smart processing and optic power of Canon crammed into them.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41-megapixel camera was, and probably still is, the best camera phone ever made. The unique way it pushed technology forward makes it still attractive even now when all other phones from its generation are dated. This patent sharing deal could mean a future Lumia that uses Canon’s impressive Digic processing power and more.

There is also a chance that Microsoft may decide to follow in the footsteps cameras.

Either way it’s great to see companies sharing patents to help push technological developments forward. Rather than fighting over them and slowing progress down for everyone.

Positivity of Kenyan Mobile Innovation

more matatu

it is indeed incredible  by Kenyan financial heavyweight Equity bank plan to roll out mobile banking services using innovative -thin slim-technology

Going cashless promotes customer’s security and also helps promotes the risks associated with the management.

This move is very imperative in this country where corruption has found firm roots ,unshakable even by strong whirlwind of justice.

Technology in Matatu sector will indeed make life Easier for example many issues related to bribe by traffic police will be reduced.

Equity has been looking to launch the technology since the regulator, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK), granted Equity’s subsidiary Finserve – along with two other companies – a Mobile Virtual Network Operator licence in April.

Although only a small operators who have compiled so far,if all of them can take this intiative ,Kenyan’s innovation could serve as model for other countries in the region.

Facebook buys video ad technology firm

Facebook has launched a  LiveRail – a tech start-up that helps companies place more relevant ads in the videos that appear on their websites and apps.

LiveRail also provides a real-time bidding platform for marketers looking to place ads on online videos.

The firms did not reveal the financial terms, but some reports indicate that Facebook paid between $400m and $500m (£233m and £291m) to buy the firm.

Online video advertising is forecast to grow robustly in the coming years.

Publishers will benefit as well, because more relevant ads will help them make the most out of every opportunity they have to show an ad.